Email from a parent to the Gryphons Soccer Club


….I want to mention that thank you for helping out through out my gryphons experience. Since day one you been realy helpful and made us fell right in place. My daughter has had a great experience and I honestly feel that coming to your organization was the best choice I made for my daughter.



Email from a parent to the Gryphons Soccer Club Re: Beginning Soccer Program

Our son, who was in the Grasshoppies class, has made amazing progress since last spring, when he cried every week. He actually asks for a pinny now, and chases the ball most of the time in the scrimmages, and looks forward to soccer day throughout the week, usually starting on Sundays. We look forward to enrolling again next spring…. thankfully Grasshoppies starts up again in just a few months.

We appreciate all you and the other coaches do. We have the utmost confidence in your coaching abilities, and great respect for the work you do with such young children.

Thanks again for making our soccer experience fantastic.



Email from a referee to the parents of the 98G Black team

Hello there,

I was thinking to send an email to all your parents all week but I don’t have their emails. Anyway, let them know this… I did referee your team game last Sunday and I want to tell you that after 5 or 7 years of refereeing games of all ages this was the first time I had a perfect game on the parents-side. What do I mean by that? Every one of your parents were doing perfect on the sidelines. I was doing my calls, good or bad no diference for them. Cheering at their girls, letting the coach to do his job, not replying for every mistake or wrong call the referee did. WHAT A GROUP OF PARENTS. Me as a coach I want to have a team like that, as a parent, I want a be on the side-line with a group like that and as a referee, I WANT TO REFEREE MORE GAMES FOR THIS TEAM.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to parents, coaches (cause I know they are in all this) and to the players who play so clean on the game. Referes always like to go back and see you have fun and PLAY THE BALL.

Thank you parents and remember IS ALL FOR OUR KIDS.



Email from a parent from an opposing team to the Club President

When are your next try-outs? Our son plays for [opponent] and played your U9 (red) team today. I was quite impressed about the coaching and team quality.



Email from a parent from an opposing team to the Club President

I am one of the [opponent name] dad’s who played your team yesterday. I can say I was quite impressed about your team’s performance, soccer style your kids played and your coaching style on the side (warm-up, game and post-game).  According to your web-site you have a back-ground on developing talented soccer kids. I was wondering if you could spare an hour 1:1 with me talking about 9 year old kids, what to really expect from them, coaching style at this age, soccer career development etc etc.  Our coach is from Brasil and I am currently a little torn with his style. I noted distinct differences between your style and our coach style.  And perhaps you can guide me with some advice / tips on how to support my child…



Email from parent of a new 00B player

We are a new family and want to share with you that we are just having an awesome experience at the club. My eight year old is in the White Team 00B. As parents, we really appreciate that the coaches coach positively. They focus on skill development over competition. I can see [he] is slowly playing with more confidence and intensity. More important, playing soccer 4 times a week is so fun for him. So thank you!

We joined through knowing [a Gryphons family]. We really don’t know much about the club. A team parent mentioned that our 00 Red team is ranked 5th in the state. Are there websites where we can check out the stats? I am not the competitive parent but curious to learn how other clubs are ranked in association.


Email from a parent to the Gryphons Soccer Club Re: Beginning Soccer Program

Once again- a great session of super 7 training. Thank you. Your coaching technique is inspiring. I am very pleased with [daughter's name] development. She just turned 7 this weekend and didn’t want to miss any soccer despite her birthday celebrations. Thank you for furthering her passion!



Email from Benjamin Ziemer, co-Founder of NorCal Premier Soccer, Re: Beginning Soccer Programs, Spring 2009

The Gryphons Soccer Club has done an outstanding job in developing Academy players and teams over the past couple of years, and their recent focus on a Pre-Academy (Grassroots) Program for the youngest players is yet another step in the right direction for helping younger boys and girls who love soccer develop a passion and excitement for the game as they learn the skills in a positive soccer learning environment.