Age Group and Team Naming Convention

Team Academy players are organized into age groups based on their birthdate. Our age group and team names indicate the gender and upper bound year of the corresponding birthdate range. For example, the ’04B’ age group represents our boys’ age group comprising players born between August 1, 2004 to July 31, 2005. Depending on the number of players available, there may be one or more teams per age group.

Age Group Coordinators

An age group is led by an “Age Group Coordinator” or a head coach for all teams in the age group. The Age Group Coordinator oversees the program for the entire age group. This involves working with the coaches in the age group to coordinate team rosters and to ensure that each player is developing appropriately. It also involves setting the season schedule for games and tournaments.


Gender Age Oldest Allowed Team Name NorCal Region 2 Coach Manager Age Group Coordinator
Boys U07 8/1/2006 GSC Gryphons 06B Red Bronze 2 Haluk Muratoglu Roger Scott Orhan Muratoglu
U08 8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05B Red Silver Jaime Gomez Julianne Wagner
8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05B White Bronze 1 Eric Rivas Mike Carlson
8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05B Black Bronze 2 Eric Rivas Gary Ogasawara
U09 8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04B Red Gold Haluk Muratoglu Kevin Kelly
8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04B White Bronze 1 Haluk Muratoglu Rolo Bernardo
8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04B Black Bronze 2 Juan Rangel Michael Brophy
U10 8/1/2003 GSC Gryphons 03B Red Gold Haluk Muratoglu Marilyn Hsu
8/1/2003 GSC Gryphons 03B White Bronze George Pineda Laura Barde
U11 8/1/2002 GSC Gryphons 02B Red Premier Daire O’Conner Rebecca Mendenhall
8/1/2002 GSC Gryphons 02B White Silver Daire O’Conner Myra Kwok
Girls U07 8/1/2006 GSC Gryphons 06G Red Bronze Orhan Muratoglu Amber Seguine
U08 8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05G Red Gold Lizzy Johnson Miguel Camacho Lizzy Johnson
8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05G White Silver Forest Brazil
U09 8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04G Red Gold Lizzy Johnson Carol Cuningham
8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04G White Silver Renan Pineda Jose Hernandez
8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04G Black Bronze Robert Tjan Lauri Floresca
U10 8/1/2003 GSC Gryphons 03G Red Gold Matt Zucca Amber Seguine Matt Zucca
8/1/2003 GSC Gryphons 03G White Silver 2 Renan Pineda
U11 8/1/2002 GSC Gryphons 02G White Silver 1 Lizzy Johnson Anna Juhaniewicz Lizzy Johnson
U12 8/1/2001 GSC Gryphons 01G Red Premier Jaime Gomez Chris Schin Jaime Gomez
8/1/2001 GSC Gryphons 01G White Silver 2 George Pineda Alexis Shohet


Playing Levels

Each player is placed into two general team categories based on their skill level and commitment, and then assigned into teams based on the number of players. The two general team categories are:

  • Advanced category: Consists of players with a stronger skill base. These teams are developed to be immediately competing at the highest possible level, and typically attend top tier tournaments in California.
  • Developmental category: Consists of players who are either new to competitive soccer, or who need time to develop basic skills and prepare to compete at the highest possible level. These teams may also participate in various playdates/tournaments within the Bay Area.

A player can move from a Developmental team to an Advanced team and vice versa within their age group based on the evaluation of the coaching staff and each player’s specific needs. After each season, the coaching staff and the respective age group coordinators discuss and consider roster changes. This flexibility within the age group allows the development and progression of each player and team at an appropriate pace.

Playing up and PDP / ODP for exceptionally skilled players

For exceptionally skilled players, we may recommend that the player play up, that is, play in a higher age group. However, in our experience, it is best that these players play with same-aged players at the highest possible level of competition. Hence, a recommendation to play up is made after careful consideration by the Head Team Coach in concert with the Director of Coaching and the player’s family.

Additionally, several Gryphons players are recommended to and participate in the Norcal Premier Player Development Program (PDP) and the CYSA Olympic Development Program (ODP) training pools for highly skilled players.