The GSC offers year-round Skills clinics to help increase player ability at the Pre-Academy and Academy levels. The objective is to give players the opportunity to fine tune their skills in a safe, productive environment with professional coaches. The clinics are designed to improve players’ touch, ball familiarity, composure with the ball and 1-1 attacking skills.

Note - Skills Clinic sessions are not designed as an alternative to our Pre-Academy or Team Academy programs, but as an addition to these programs for young players who want to get some extra training.


Academy Skills Clinic

Our Academy Skills Clinic is offered to all academy team players free of charge. The clinic is based on the Coerver coaching methodology. Each week players will discover new moves for improving their all-round ball familiarity and skills. The skills taught will help players learn how to beat opponents 1v1, how to use footwork to get out of a pressured situation, and how to change direction in a game, etc.

Pre-Academy Skills Clinic

Our Pre-Academy Skills Clinic is offered to players 5-8 yrs old. Each week the players will be taken on a journey through soccer, learning different lessons along the way. The player will have a ball at their feet at all times, learning how to move the ball with balance, skill and intelligence. Every week will have very similar topics coached in very different ways to engage the players and develop their love for the beautiful game.