Code of Conduct

We believe that being a good and effective referee involves observing and upholding the laws of the game as well as the spirit of the game. GSC referees abide by a strict code of conduct to ensure that play is safe, fair, and enjoyable.

  • Act professionally before, during, and after matches, or at any time while in uniform and present at games.
  • Adhere to all standards and directives imposed by the GSC and its affiliates.
  • Study the laws of the game and be aware of all its changes.
  • Honor any game appointments made and accepted unless unable to do so due to illness or personal emergency.
  • Treat all peer referees, game officials, coaches, players, and parents with respect.
  • Support good sportsmanship. Be fair, firm and impartial.
  • Follow the referee dress code, and maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness.


Game Assignments

If you would like to become part of the growing GSC referee pool or if you have questions, please email our Referee Coordinator.

You must first register with GSC before being assigned referee times. Registration and match assignments are managed by our Referee Coordinator. Assignments are based on availability, known conflicts of interest, club evaluations, experience, age, quality of refereeing and license grade.

Please email our Referee Coordinator to register or if you have questions.


Referee Pay

GSC pays referees by check, mailed every two weeks around the 1st and 15th of every month. Referee pay rates per game are outlined below.

Age Field Duration of half Center AR1 AR1
U8 Games Hillsdale HS Small Grass 25 minutes $30 N/A N/A
U9 Games Hillsdale HS Large Grass 25 minutes $30 $30 N/A
U10 Games Hillsdale HS Large Grass 30 minutes $35 $30 N/A
U11 Games Hillsdale HS Football 30 minutes $35 $30 $30
U12 Games Hillsdale HS Football 35 minutes $40 $35 $35
U13 Games Hillsdale HS Football 35 minutes $40 $35 $35

Game Day Essentials

  • Must be in uniform.
  • Should report at the field no later than 20 minutes before the game.
  • Bring the appropriate equipment (whistle, license badge, rule book, pen, flags, etc.).
  • Must perform pre-game field check, goals check, player roster/pass check-in and coin toss.


Rules and Guidelines

Below are some rules and guidelines every GSC referee should be aware of.


Training and Certification