The GSC encourages players, coaches, and families to participate in various kinds of community service programs, knowing they can count on our support. We strongly believe giving back to the community is an essential part of the learning process for our young players.

Below are just some of the programs our members have chosen to participate in. To read all our Community News, look here.


Local School Foundations

The Gryphons Soccer Club is a strong and recognized supporter of San Carlos Educational Foundation, the Belmont-Redwood Shores School Foundation – School Force, and the San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation – For Kids. In addition to bringing great soccer coaching to youth on the Peninsula, we also support the education of local youth by giving to their schools’ fundraising organizations.

In 2012, the GSC will proudly support the Belmont-Redwood Shores Save The Music Festival. Look here for details.


“Green” Gryphons

The Gryphons Soccer Club has implemented a recycling program that not only raises funds for the teams, but also helps the earth, teaches youth to be environmentally conscious, and cleans up our neighborhood fields and schools.


Used Uniform Drives

The GSC organizes and participates in uniform drives. The items collected are delivered to less fortunate players who might otherwise be unable to procure soccer wear for their practices and games. Click here to read about one such uniform drive and the impact it will have.


Holiday Food Drives

Each year, Gryphons families donate food for Thanksgiving food baskets put together in association with the Shelter Network. The baskets are then distributed by them to families at the Redwood Family House in Redwood City. The Redwood Family House provides safe transitional housing and support services for homeless families. The GSC is humbled and gratified by the efforts put in by our coaches and families to make the holiday season a joyous one for those in need. Click here to read about one such drive.


Field Maintenance

The Gryphons have started a multi-step process to help improve the quality of the grass field at Hillsdale High School. The first step was to re-set all of the sprinkler heads to make sure they were evenly distributing water across all the field. The next step was to purchase a mower so we can manage the length of the grass. By mowing more frequently, we will be able to maintain a healthier grass field and provide a more even surface for the soccer ball to roll. The final step (for the time being), which will be implemented in the next couple of weeks, is to overseed the grass field to help increase the density of the grass to help reduce the number of bumps in the playing surface.

The SMUHSD has been a fantastic partner in allowing us to take the quality of this playing surface to a level that they would normally not need for their uses, but is greatly desired for our soccer players. We really appreciate everything they have done to recognize that this partnership can benefit both our club and the school district.

The GSC mower in action!
Seed supply for the HHS grass