Our Team Academy is for players 8 yrs and older. If you are looking for programs for players who are 3 to 8 yrs old, take a look at the Beginning Soccer programsoffered by our Pre-Academy. There are no tryouts to join our Pre-Academy.

Age Oldest Allowed Team Name NorCal Region 2 Coach Manager Age Group Coordinator
U07 8/1/2006 GSC Gryphons 06G Red Bronze Orhan Muratoglu Amber Seguine Orhan Muratoglu
U08 8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05G Red Gold Lizzy Johnson Miguel Camacho Lizzy Johnson
8/1/2005 GSC Gryphons 05G White Silver Forest Brazil
U09 8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04G Red Gold Lizzy Johnson Carol Cuningham
8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04G White Silver Renan Pineda Jose Hernandez
8/1/2004 GSC Gryphons 04G Black Bronze Robert Tjan Lauri Floresca
U10 8/1/2003 GSC Gryphons 03G Red Gold Matt Zucca Amber Seguine Matt Zucca
8/1/2003 GSC Gryphons 03G White Silver 2 Renan Pineda
U11 8/1/2002 GSC Gryphons 02G White Silver 1 Lizzy Johnson Anna Juhaniewicz Lizzy Johnson
U12 8/1/2001 GSC Gryphons 01G Red Premier Jaime Gomez Chris Schin Jaime Gomez
8/1/2001 GSC Gryphons 01G White Silver 2 George Pineda Alexis Shohet